MY 2016!!

Assalammualaikum hi everyone! ya allah lama tak update sumpah dah berhabuk hehe.Pejam pejam celik it's december already!! Ya,allah time flies so fast duh.And I can't wait for next year #roadtopt3 inshallah hehe.
Alhamdullilah my 2016 ended up so well couldnt be more proud of myself for being tough this whole year without any major problems that could make me cry haha.Well,there were some problems that made me cried but hey i forgot why :')

HAHAHA.Lets get started with cerita 'my last moments in parit 2k16'.Ok,i had to admit that I brought my phone so we took a few pics (a few la sangatkan) hahaha banyak gila their pics on my phone but its okay member an.So,my last night prep with my classmates was kind of hectic and stressful too.Yela,kau imagine la esok pagi tu exam geo,kh and seni kot dahla kh 4 jam kredit memang kena score la huhu.But its okay member ajak relax dulu for half an hour ehehe.Luckily,amirah aqilah brought us some cute cupcakes for the whole class thank you pumpkin!

oh,before kitorang pergi prep we decided to mencapub sikit malam ni lol dah lama tho tak mencapub why not lagipun last night prep kot ahahaha.So,we all changed our kain with our partners and yes i changed with shafia.Well,muat k.Shafia is pendek so when I wore her kain pun senteng gila tho,and she was the same too the kain was too labuh for her (shafia u should grow taller)

so this is me and shafia look at our kesongsangan hehe

the others changed too with their partners,we changed randomly and this is UNPLANNED.

haah look at my girlss!!!

hey look at me rocking in shafia's kain

these two girls are marshmallows hi izzah and siti :D

"the way she looks at you" HAHAAH shafia looks like she is smirking and nureen doing her pose hehe.

We were in the class 

"mai jom ah selfie"

yang ni time nak ambik phone kat dorm (habis pecah rahsiaku kalau cerita semua kat sini hm)

this is a failed picture but i love my face me lookin so cute

they don't know how to take picture properly imma gonna teach 'em after this haih

lol there's me posing for the next top model 

Our last lesson with Teacher Siti :(

on the last day before the exam starts we took pics with our fav teacher :(

hey look at us being all cute with our slay queen :)

SO my class photo 2k16 204 :( missing em so much 

so there was a rumour saying that classes will be rombak next year lets hope not even tho you guys always make me sad but you guys are the only people that make me laugh everyday *INSERTS CRYING EMOJI* and also you guys have known me for two years.It's going to be sad this is really happening lets hope not amin.

Our last saturday prep 

thank you thank you for everything especially the girls i love you guys so much no words can describe it im sorry i know i am the worst vp you guys ever had im sorry i didnt do my job :( and for the boys sorry if I ever kutuk or anything or being too awkward around you guys sorry hehe.

alhamdullilah class photo was perfect haha.nasib baik tak susah suruh diorang gather tengah tengah panas tu hm (susah actually).


Hahaha alhamdullilah exam ended up well hoping the result is well too *smirking face*.so i took out my phone right after cikgu left us (oh i finished my seni so awal like hey mama im ready to go home).It was 4.00 pm smtg so we took some pictures to before going back home.Its okay barang barang dah packing kot nak risau pe hahaa.

look at alya's face bangga ah tu dapat habis seni awal 

oh I took a pic with one of the closest classmates yela netball pun dengan dia,ponteng surau pun lepak bilik peah ni haaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

there she is.My deskmate 2k16.Putry was crying ignore her face hahaha.
one of the closest friend i had in parit love you to the moon and back :)

ignore ma face but hey look who we got here! Ain,thank you for everything Ain for all the ilmu 
yang kau curahkan hehe.Thank you for teaching me especially in so pandai la.

Roomates and lets go home!

thank you erqen for all the times we spent together.It's a blessing to know you much more better.
I'm happy that you've changed a lot qen.Lets just cry for 1d because their hiatus lambat lagi nak habis huaa

the shortest one is my ketua bilik.Gonna miss your bebelan farahin!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST,the one yang selalu ada by my side in the room ofcourse my cubemate.
Qaliesya,thank you for everything im sure im going to miss you so much,Thank you for laughing at my jokes
and thank you sebab layan aku time aku tengah hyperactive nak mampos.Haih im going to miss B38 :(

and this is mai 2k16 hahahaha

penat gila taip,but its okay harap ada orang baca ah hahaha.Thank you everyone for the great 2016.My fingers are already numb hehehe.I'm gonna make sure that I will read this post again when I'm in my senior year.Hoping for a better next year! and alhamdullilah i got 3.6 for this final semester ya allah im so thankful.Hard works paid off! and congrats to those yang dapat 3.5 and above inshallah next year kita naik stage sesama kay? hehehe



Assalamualaikum everyone.So how'slife?xx.

I just got back from maktab a few days ago.Got a lot of homework to be done don't be surprise if I rarely post anything on this blog but hey I post alot on insta hehehe.First thing first,my 2016 in parit ended up just like I expected.everything went smooth.Something happened but I assumed it was just a test from Allah to my friend.

Okay calm down raken the holiday is just starting.I don't really know what to talk about.Oh yea,its about change! Time to change. Change to be a better me.A better you.Inshallah.Guys,2016 is like a year of change for me.I found out a lot about Islam,I learned a lot about friends&ajnabis (not that im saying i dont even know anything abt it its just i learned A LOT this year)

I read some islamic novel such as henshin,henshin muslimah,Infiru,Tarbiah Sentap.Wow,and i feel like wow.
There are so many things that I don't know and it broke my heart in two.I don't know how much sins have I made of living for 14 years on Earth.I wish I was not born but this is my fate.I chose this path.I was the one that chose to be in this world.But the things I only worried are my beauty,my intelligence,how much attentions I got from the boys,how popular I am at the school and I forgot to worry about my sins.

Dah banyak sangat ke pahala yang kau buat tu?I'm not trying to brag or show off that I'm changing I'm still in the phase of changing.I'm tired of seeing my friends texting with guys,taking picture with ajnabis,crying bcs of them.Tell me are you really sure they are your husbands in 20 years from now? No,you're not sure young girls.All the things that lead to zina is a sin.Zina is our main source of sins.Don't be cheap,be expensive till the boys are scared to greet you.

Despite the fact that,even if you are not famous because the boys don't text you,don't greet you like what they always do to the other girls that means you are expensive.They know your existence but they just too scared to talk to you and stuff.Remember,guys pick the cheap ones.So,show that you are expensive.You have value,girls.

I have witnessed so many things this year about this couple stuff.It only makes yourself worst.You will lose focus.I'm talking about this cus I'm feeling it too.Boys rarely know me well,they don't text me (i don't remember my own number and also im not a big fan of texting) haha.

I'm tyring to change in a good way.Inshallah wish me luck guys! May Allah ease everything for us :) lastly there is a souvenir for you before you leave this blog.

Assalamualaikum and have a good day everyone! xx

Ladies Night (second year)

Assalammualaikum everyone!

Sorry for not posting for too longggg i've been busy with school and stuff plus i'll be home like once in a month yea i know it sounds sad #boardingschool but hey dont be! got some gossips for you guys to fangirl with! So basically on 26th may we had our ladies night in the iltizam hall with the hashtag #bringtheboysoutt the hall was super cool with the decorations hung on the walls but honestly i like last year's deco better.Ahaha but still this year's ladies night was kind of great i must say.Literally every batch had their own theme.

form1: Disney
form2 (my batch!):black&white (sounds boring huh? wait n see)
form3:Harry Potter
form4:Bollywood (THEY WERE SO AWESOME)
form5:70s or 90s? (but they were more like swag i think)

and also forgot to tell u that ive finished my final semester and it ended up well alhamdullilah hoping the result is better :p.We were given half an hour to prepare ourselves which is enough since last year we were only had 15 minutes to get dress before the entrance is closed.So after i get dressed and put my hijab on (which is the most important role that night!) Athirah and I went downstairs to wait for the others (my squad lel) UGH WE WERE BASICALLYU LATE BUT THATS OKAY cus as soon as i got there the hall was still close and there were a lot of beautiful girls outside the hall which made me felt so insecure (guys im being dead serious here) so after that we had to get in the hall by batch.

THEN,wow the hall felt super cool (bcs of the air condition ofc) haha and yea the decorations made me felt like in a wonderland haahahahaa,okay let me get this fast i will post some pictures in this post cus we were all wearing the b&w outfits

complete zquad.

do u see the bottle of candies there yup thats that souvenir from the seniors to all of us!

kak Mai J! Haih basically our idol! Look at her saree! she was super pretty that night :)

                           This selfie was taken before the event starts we were in the dorm btw

Kak Amirah Husna! Cute and athletic ;) she's in f4 guys

I was forced to hold the baloon and putry was making a candid and look at meeeee

Nad brought her iphone that night so we took selfies quietly HAHA NOOBIES.

Me and Putry.One of my close friends in parit.Miss her tho.

Putry acah ft another side of me :)

Just wanted to tell you that night was one of the craziest! Cant wait for next year's ladies night! Ayy drop your comment in the chatbox so we can chat! whoever u are hehe even paritians.