Hey im okay here

Oh hi.

Assalammualaikum.How's everyone? I'm ok alhamdullilah just got back from maktab and feeling very happy right now :). Finally,I am home! I've got many ideas to write on blog when I'm at maktab but bila sampai rumah je all those ideas hilang its ok its ok. I'll try to post something interesting for you guys. I hope i have secret readers (?) well hope so that would be fun having secret readerssssssss.

Please do not be shocked. Yes I'm having a crush on someone rn but bukan calang calang orang hehe. Just a crush.I mean like i am his secret admirer and he doesnt know that (shh dont tell anyone).Ok,listen.He's so perfect that I can't even breath when I'm walking beside him.HE IS SO PERFECT. I always stalk him (i mean stalk him in a goood way) I could cry for him. And yes he is in upper form. I wont fall in love with my own batchmates (euw?).

I lost my mind when it comes to exam phew.Well for ujian selaras 1 I've got 3.52 for my pointer and that is my very first pointer and I was freaking excited!!! Alhamdullilah! But, yea I'm still weak in math.I'm sorry im not like other ppl you're hoping for.

Maybe this happened like a month ago.Zayn left 1d.I'm not okay.I was'nt okay.I wasnt. I was shocked. But yea im okay rn and looking forward for the next album of 1d.


I'm just gonna post something more interesting than this i promise. Please dont be shocked if I havent posted anything in 2 weeks.lol.

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