The vacation week ended

Hola amigos!

Firstly, I would like to thank the anon (refer cbox at the sidebar) for making me happy today. Honestly,I didnt get much comments lately because i was too busy to update this blog.also,im happy that you guys still care about me including my friend adriana.Huhu and I don't expect to get comment about the latest post haha tbh it was amberassing :(

Ok ok let's straight to the point.How was your holiday guys? Mine was kinda great but not what i expected lol.yea,I went to terengganu and kelantan! huhu. It was awesome huh.Well, i think i dont have anything to say so here are some pictures of me and my family (?). Enjoy,fyi these picture are taken by my phone so im kinda proud that my phone's camera quality could be that great.Haha, i use vivo guys.Chill,apple is cliche let's use other products too.

Terengganu took about 6 hours to go there (haih) we were very tired huhu. So,we did nothing in car ( i slept a lot act) then in the car we took selfies! lol actually,there are many selfies of me,my mom and sis but nvrmind 2 pictures are cool.

Finally,alhamdullilah we safely arrived in terengganu! after checking in at the resort we had booked,we went Ict Pok Long which located near the umt i guess? haha whatever, ict pok long only serve seafood only.The food was delicious i love it.

Just a small hut near our resort.

Ayah can be very photogenic sometimes huhu

So,the first morning in terengganu i spent my morning with benefits stuff (alhamdullilah haha) After subuh prayers,ayah and I went out to see the sunrise. It was more like to selfie haha.But yeah we did enjoy the sunrise huhu. 


Last but not least,it was a blast to meet my friend, Dina! It was an unplanned hangout but everything went well! Ignore my tired face lol,We went to aeon to watch Insidious and yea it was an amazing movie.I absolutely in love with it.I love horror movie guys. you dont know how much loves i spend towards horror movies haha lel. I watched insidious 2 with dina too. LIKE I FREAKING LOVE HORROR MOVIES AND I'VE BEEN FOLLOWING THE UPDATES ABOUT INSIDIOUS,ANNABELLE.HUHU. 

And yea it had begun. the study week huaaaa *crying jpg*. Have fun ppl!