Eid Mubarak 2015


Hello everyone! Its been months since I last posted! I'm so sorry got no time actually but at least i try to make time for raya post huaaa.I'm so excited to talk about raya so please please do read my post!
I love ghost readers! Hahaha so how was your raya? Everyone was having a good one right? Now its time to continue studying (haih) im going back to maktab tomorrow and I wish it wouldnt happen.I was home on Last wednesday.Basically,we only have 7 days or literally 6 days to have fun! wow so happy to hear that news (let me sigh for the 1000th times). I hope you guys had a good raya kay?

Okay i know i am girly but I love taking selfies! 

We were at a bookshop on Hari raya bcs we can


We were heading to Taiping and it was freaking jammed on the road so I was so bored and here are some of gedik pics from us

And wala! safely arrived at mak pina's house! Family selfie!

This is my outfit for second day of raya. A lovely dress from my aunt 

We took selfies again!

^ i love this picture so much

It was third day of raya and we were heading to Manjung and it was freaking jammed again
and i was freaking bored so ya selfie 

combination of my selfies on first day of raya (hate me bcs im so gedik!!)
And yea as you can see i tried out a new shawl chiffon styles.just trynna make a change.Huhu but the outcomes wasnt dissapointed! I love this styles huhu.

So,here I am again to tell you that all the pictures above were taken by my phone (quite proud of my phone bcs it has good quality camera).Last but not least,Sorry if ive done anything wrong towards you guys or posting something you hate i know my writing can be so defensive.Any flaws,I'll fix it up later soon insha allah ok? For now,I am so busy with my educations (i am so stressed out) and yea wish me luck for the upcoming exam huaaaaaaa i dont wanna go back to maktab its freaking hell.

p/s: I went to BIG BAD WOLF Menglembu,Ipoh AND I WAS VERY EXCITED.I'm just gonna post a review about the books I've bought.I literally bought 10 books at BBW and they were so cheap.Soon inshallah! Happy eid mubarak btw! Hope you had a good one!