My 2015


It's been a long time! takpe takpe,there's a lot to tell but bila bukak blog terus lupa haha but that's okay.
As you guys know,im studying in mrsm parit and i cant believe i ended up there hahah.Idk why but time flies so fast i cant even haih.Thank you for everybody who had been with me throughout the year :) especially my roomates,you guys are everything to me :)


Thank you for everything! I love you guys to the moon and back :) 


Thank you 04 for making me happier day by day,geng capub also thanks,there was a lot of things happened in a year,im so grateful to have you guys by my side :) you guys are da bomb.

Okay,so we made a mini reunion and it was handled by cikgu ros (thanks cikgu ros for the food and stuff),i really miss the old us wish we could have a mega reunion in the future insha allah :)

dina and aina.Aina dah jumpa tiap tiap hari kat maktab but still rindu hahaha.I really miss dina hahaha.