Ladies Night (second year)

Assalammualaikum everyone!

Sorry for not posting for too longggg i've been busy with school and stuff plus i'll be home like once in a month yea i know it sounds sad #boardingschool but hey dont be! got some gossips for you guys to fangirl with! So basically on 26th may we had our ladies night in the iltizam hall with the hashtag #bringtheboysoutt the hall was super cool with the decorations hung on the walls but honestly i like last year's deco better.Ahaha but still this year's ladies night was kind of great i must say.Literally every batch had their own theme.

form1: Disney
form2 (my batch!):black&white (sounds boring huh? wait n see)
form3:Harry Potter
form4:Bollywood (THEY WERE SO AWESOME)
form5:70s or 90s? (but they were more like swag i think)

and also forgot to tell u that ive finished my final semester and it ended up well alhamdullilah hoping the result is better :p.We were given half an hour to prepare ourselves which is enough since last year we were only had 15 minutes to get dress before the entrance is closed.So after i get dressed and put my hijab on (which is the most important role that night!) Athirah and I went downstairs to wait for the others (my squad lel) UGH WE WERE BASICALLYU LATE BUT THATS OKAY cus as soon as i got there the hall was still close and there were a lot of beautiful girls outside the hall which made me felt so insecure (guys im being dead serious here) so after that we had to get in the hall by batch.

THEN,wow the hall felt super cool (bcs of the air condition ofc) haha and yea the decorations made me felt like in a wonderland haahahahaa,okay let me get this fast i will post some pictures in this post cus we were all wearing the b&w outfits

complete zquad.

do u see the bottle of candies there yup thats that souvenir from the seniors to all of us!

kak Mai J! Haih basically our idol! Look at her saree! she was super pretty that night :)

                           This selfie was taken before the event starts we were in the dorm btw

Kak Amirah Husna! Cute and athletic ;) she's in f4 guys

I was forced to hold the baloon and putry was making a candid and look at meeeee

Nad brought her iphone that night so we took selfies quietly HAHA NOOBIES.

Me and Putry.One of my close friends in parit.Miss her tho.

Putry acah ft another side of me :)

Just wanted to tell you that night was one of the craziest! Cant wait for next year's ladies night! Ayy drop your comment in the chatbox so we can chat! whoever u are hehe even paritians.