Assalamualaikum everyone.So how'slife?xx.

I just got back from maktab a few days ago.Got a lot of homework to be done don't be surprise if I rarely post anything on this blog but hey I post alot on insta hehehe.First thing first,my 2016 in parit ended up just like I expected.everything went smooth.Something happened but I assumed it was just a test from Allah to my friend.

Okay calm down raken the holiday is just starting.I don't really know what to talk about.Oh yea,its about change! Time to change. Change to be a better me.A better you.Inshallah.Guys,2016 is like a year of change for me.I found out a lot about Islam,I learned a lot about friends&ajnabis (not that im saying i dont even know anything abt it its just i learned A LOT this year)

I read some islamic novel such as henshin,henshin muslimah,Infiru,Tarbiah Sentap.Wow,and i feel like wow.
There are so many things that I don't know and it broke my heart in two.I don't know how much sins have I made of living for 14 years on Earth.I wish I was not born but this is my fate.I chose this path.I was the one that chose to be in this world.But the things I only worried are my beauty,my intelligence,how much attentions I got from the boys,how popular I am at the school and I forgot to worry about my sins.

Dah banyak sangat ke pahala yang kau buat tu?I'm not trying to brag or show off that I'm changing I'm still in the phase of changing.I'm tired of seeing my friends texting with guys,taking picture with ajnabis,crying bcs of them.Tell me are you really sure they are your husbands in 20 years from now? No,you're not sure young girls.All the things that lead to zina is a sin.Zina is our main source of sins.Don't be cheap,be expensive till the boys are scared to greet you.

Despite the fact that,even if you are not famous because the boys don't text you,don't greet you like what they always do to the other girls that means you are expensive.They know your existence but they just too scared to talk to you and stuff.Remember,guys pick the cheap ones.So,show that you are expensive.You have value,girls.

I have witnessed so many things this year about this couple stuff.It only makes yourself worst.You will lose focus.I'm talking about this cus I'm feeling it too.Boys rarely know me well,they don't text me (i don't remember my own number and also im not a big fan of texting) haha.

I'm tyring to change in a good way.Inshallah wish me luck guys! May Allah ease everything for us :) lastly there is a souvenir for you before you leave this blog.

Assalamualaikum and have a good day everyone! xx

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